Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tennis Racket Mirrors

I have wanted to turn some tennis rackets into mirrors for some time now.  I first saw them on Pinterest and just loved the idea!  Fast forward to a week ago and I was perusing my local Goodwill just long enough to see some great vintage rackets priced very well indeed.  I took them to a local glass shop in Madison and they were happy to cut the mirror and glue it in!  They even said that they had done this project before!  Super nice people!

Either way, I am really excited to have the finished product, my roommates approve, and I think that they may sell well at the Elkhorn flea market if I get the chance.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Camp Wandawega

It has been quite some time since I posted!  With the last weeks of finals the blog didn't quite take precedence, but I am excited to get back into it.  I was flipping through the June 2013 issue of Country Living when I saw a beautiful campy resort located in none other than Elkhorn, Wisconsin!

Camp Wandawega is a cozy but sprawling resort that takes up 25 acres on Lake Wandawega in the township of Sugar Creek.  I literally had no idea this place existed!  As of now I believe it's a Chicago secret, but I plan to make in known to its neighbors here in Wisconsin.  I can't believe how beautifully gorgeous this place is.  What a delightful mix between Moonrise Kingdom and my childhood friend's summer cottage.

Room rates start at $200 per night with a two night minimum.  Click here for the details!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Eclectic Home

I'm especially loving this house I saw over on Sanna & Sania. It's that perfect mix of eclectic pieces that I love.  I also need to point out that beautiful wall of black frames.  Something about it is quite effortless, but I love that!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jenna Lyons Townhouse

Jenna Lyons might just be my favorite style icon, as the creative director of J.Crew, she probably is most notable for her effortless style.  I have seen bits of her ($4 million) townhouse before but never to this extent.  Good news is, she is selling it!  Not that I could ever even begin to afford such a place, but it's worth dreaming.  I am especially in love with those sheep skin chairs in her kitchen.  They are perfectly paired with what looks like structural batting used when upholstering chairs.  I just love that unfinished look, it really tones down the chairs and keeps them from looking too overdone.

photos via PopSugar